Victoria becoming a concrete jungle

I was disappointed and angry upon hearing this tree was taken down to make way for more bike lanes.

I was born and raised in Victoria, and this tree has always been there. I find it unnecessary for the City of Victoria and its council members to keep making these decisions with total disregard for the citizens. It seems the only thing they are interested in is building highrise condos and bike lanes all over the place. They said they did public consultation, but I never heard of any public consultation or I would have voiced my opposition.

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I do not like the decisions that are being made in the city, as it is becoming a concrete jungle with all the condos being built. Tourists visit Victoria because it is a quaint and charming city, but if we keep going this way, it will all be lost. The cutting down of this tree was not in the best interests of everyone in the city.

After being re-elected, the mayor promised to do what the people wanted, but it sure seems that that idea has gone out the window with the removal of this tree and some of the other things being done by the mayor and her council.

For all the people who re-elected Lisa Helps for another term as mayor, I hope you can live with the decision you made because it means the rest of us will be unhappy for four years.

Sharon Radbourne


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