Victoria at last has council it deserves

Victoria finally has the city council we deserve. Ben Isitt, Jeremy Loveday and Together Victoria have a mandate, and progressive values demand that they follow through on their promises:

Build 10,000 new affordable homes and rental-only homes in the city. Make the fat-cat developers sell half of any new buildings as affordable housing. As Isitt said, we need a “massive expansion of decommodified, state-owned and state-supported housing.”

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Stop catering to car drivers, put the bike lanes down Cook Street where they promised. Support homeless camping in city parks until permanent shelters are built.

Help reconciliation with Isitt’s idea to rename Victoria to Camosack. Ensure that the statue of colonizer Sir John A. Macdonald never sees the light of day.

It’s time to make good on Isitt’s promise to open the public treasury for the common good. Push forward on his plan for a municipal income tax. Cut the police budget and reallocate that money to social justice.

Don’t let the regressive types win. Isitt, Loveday and Together Victoria have a progressive plan and control council. If not now, when?

Pete Jando


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