Use cameras to catch school-bus scofflaws

Many jurisdictions in North America use stop-arm video cameras to monitor violations of school-bus regulations. British Columbia does not.

Stop-arm camera footage can identify vehicles that illegally pass school buses that are displaying their stop signs and lights. We can assume that knowing such cameras are installed acts as a deterrent.

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Installing stop-arm cameras could be done at no net cost to B.C. taxpayers.

Phase One: The government establishes a start-up fund (which will eventually be repaid). This money is used to install cameras on select buses, to start a public awareness campaign about the cameras and to place decals on all school buses, warning that the program is in effect all over B.C.

Phase Two: Add a surcharge to fines for the violation of any law regarding school buses, school zones or school crosswalks. Use this money to replenish and eventually repay the start-up fund.

Phase Three: Use subsequent funds to equip all buses with stop-arm cameras and to include them in all new buses. Designate any unused funds for continued promotion of student safety and for future expenditures in transportation, school zone and school crosswalk safety.

If you like this idea, share it with your MLA and your local school board. If money is no obstacle in the safety of our children, then there is no excuse when that safety can be had for free.

Phil Young


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