Truman set example of taking responsibility

Donald Trump as president is surrounded by problems, and unfortunately he doesn’t know how to cope with them except to blame other people, especially Democrats and former president Barack Obama, of course.

We have recently heard a lot about former presidents, but I remember one who stands in stark contrast to the ineffectual Trump. It was 1945 when Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a highly esteemed president, died in office unexpectedly. His vice-president, little-known Harry Truman from Missouri, was suddenly elevated to the presidency.

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Truman had never expected to be anywhere near the oval office, but he brushed himself off, accepted the challenge and stated: “The buck stops here.” In other words: “The problems will ultimately land on my desk and I’m the one who must handle them.” And handle them he did.

To most people’s surprise, he became a much-respected president who steered his country through the post-war high-stakes era into the Cold War. It was not an easy task, but he never complained. He just did it.

He understood the idea of responsibility.

It’s too bad Trump is such a wimp and cry-baby who has very little judgment or integrity. It’s too bad for America and the world.

K.G. Stewart


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