Tent-city resident a dedicated student

I am an instructor with Camosun College’s School of Access, where adults can return to classes for upgrading, to enable further options for study and employment.

A resident from tent city joined my summer-term English class. This young man was overcoming an early life of criminal convictions, and was dedicated to never re-offending, and to getting his life on track. From his stable home base at tent city, he often cycled to and from our class (at the Interurban campus) through the summer.

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He was a remarkably dedicated student, and proud of his “comfortable home” at the camp, for which he was so grateful. He successfully completed the course.

Now it’s fall term, and this fellow is registered in another class with me. It was good to see him back, for our first class. But since that date, the order was given for the tent-city closure, and I have not seen or heard from him since.

Given that he has just lost his home, it wouldn’t surprise me if I don’t see him again. And I can’t help but wonder how many other lives have been likewise upturned by this decision.

Darren Alexander


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