Stop denigrating admirable birds

Re: “Nuisance birds on the rise in Victoria,” Aug. 9.

The article is short on news and kindness when describing Canada geese as “crap-happy.” Missing is how humans are “crap enablers.” The way we landscape makes ideal foraging and nesting grounds — especially around waterways. Coupled with killing foxes and other natural predators, we’ve turned many areas into veritable goose havens.

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If Canada geese and their emissions are unwanted, then clean up after geese and stop demanding that birds and animals fear us. A few simple steps, such as allowing grass to grow longer, is an easy way to discourage their congregations.

Let’s take responsibility for our actions, and change our behaviours rather than blaming and denigrating these admirable, interesting, monogamous birds.

Dave Shishkoff

Friends of Animals




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