Splash fireworks terrorized birds

The spectacular show of fireworks that wrapped up the Symphony Splash B.C. Day celebration on Sunday night was eye candy as seen from my apartment at West Bay in Esquimalt.

But sadly, the colourful light show accompanied by explosive sounds was interrupted by the sight and calls of terrorized birds fleeing to the west. I had a serious catch in my throat witnessing what we homo sapiens do to wildlife to entertain ourselves.

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This is also connected to the whale-watching industry, where we are loving these marine mammals to death. They can’t go about their daily lives without being hounded with the noise of boat motors — both commercial and private — with people wanting a closer look at an iconic animal that is under extreme stress from many causes.

And these causes are the result of another animal’s relentless assault on the natural world. Industrial resource extraction plus using other species for our amusement demonstrate a pathetic lack of respect for our home planet and the life on it. As the comic strip Pogo put it: “We have met the enemy, and he is us.”

Donna de Haan


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