Some in Burnside welcome neighbours

Re: “Housing policy dumps on Burnside Gorge,” comment, Oct. 9.

As a resident of Burnside Gorge, I am frustrated by people in our neighbourhood who think it is their right to speak on behalf of all of us.

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I have been a resident of this neighbourhood for almost 10 years and live close to affordable and supportive housing that has opened in the past couple of years. In my small corner of Burnside Gorge, I have witnessed an improvement to the safety of the neighbourhood now that there are dedicated places for those in need of support and housing to go.

I no longer find individuals hanging out or sleeping in our building’s covered parking. It is definitely better than it was five years ago. However, I have learned that memories tend to be short with these types of issues.

I welcome the efforts of Cool Aid and city hall to help people find housing. I also welcome the developments in our neighbourhood that give people a place to live. Homelessness is an issue that we all have to take responsibility for.

Those who have the ability and resources should be asking “how can we help” instead of creating barriers. The argument that some neighbourhoods are helping more or less than others is petty and embarrassing.

I won’t claim to speak on behalf of everyone in the neighbourhood, but for those who are in situations where they are living in the Burnside Gorge in affordable and supportive housing, I want to sincerely welcome you to our neighbourhood.

Christopher Reiche Boucher


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