Social programs a mark of a fair, civilized society

Re: “NDP’s yesterday politics not wanted in B.C.,” letter, July 5.

The letter-writer seems to condemn and ridicule all the “expensive programs of the NDP.” I presume he is referring to universal health care, public education, unemployment insurance, old-age and disability pensions, child care, social housing and social assistance, law enforcement, firefighting services, public transportation, highway, sewage and safe water systems.

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In a fair, just, democratic, civil and wealthy society, all of these services should be available to everyone when needed. Some people, because of physical or mental disability or lack of education or training, make no money or make minimum wage and cannot afford to pay for these services.

Other more-fortunate people who can use their natural abilities, training, the land and social resources to acquire wealth should contribute a fair amount of that wealth to fund the social programs that sustains the society they enjoy and prosper in. 

 Most individuals on their own would have great difficulty providing their own food, clothing and shelter and would quickly die in absolute poverty.

It is society — people working together — using nature’s resources, that creates wealth. In a fair, democratic, civilized society, wealth should be used for the benefit of all. It should not be monopolized for the benefit of a few and the exclusion of the many.

 We should all work and vote to protect and strengthen our social safety net that will enable us all to live in peace and security.

 Francis Blundell

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