Site C dam a shameful monument of politics

The 1973 Mica Dam on the Columbia River flooded 21,000 square kilometres of forest and farmland. The damage is done. B.C. has the rights to the power being generated as part of the agreement.

The Site C Dam will flood nearly 13,000 hectares of Agricultural Land Reserve farmland, including Indigenous burial grounds. This is mean-spirited and will create a legacy of mistrust, where politicians’ words are worthless.

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The Site C dam will cost more than $12 billion; that does not include the new transmissions lines required to Victoria. The amortization of the debt is 70 years for outdated power.

The interest payments will be half a billion dollars per year, adding to our already expensive hydro bills.

The 2017 provincial election cost $45 million to have the B.C. Liberals step aside and their leader step down and quit. Why would NDP follow in the footsteps of a Liberal disaster? Why would voters support the NDP in the next election?

The Site C Dam is a shameful monument of politics for which there is no point, no return.

Art Bickerton


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