Shawnigan water advisory was predictable

The Island Health water advisory for south Shawnigan Lake was predicted from the moment the Environment Ministry allowed South Island Aggregates to dump contaminated waste in a leaky quarry above Shawnigan Lake. As was warned from the get-go, you don’t put your latrine upstream of your drinking water.

 But for the Environment Ministry, common sense was trumped by the “science” showing toxic waste in a watershed is safe. Never mind that the “science” was completely compiled by SIA’s engineers who were in a documented conflict of interest, compounded by evidence of SIA’s misrepresentations before the Environment Appeal Board. Inexplicably, the Environment Ministry, which is charged with protecting drinking water, still insists everything is OK. It’s not.

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 When the first big rainfall of the season overwhelms SIA’s supposed scientifically engineered containment system, what more evidence is required that this is a flawed design in a terrible location? Why the Environment Ministry continues to support SIA’s incompetence over the safety of the citizens of Shawnigan Lake is as mind-boggling as it is embarrassing.

 Steve Housser

Shawnigan Lake

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