Runoff elections are honest, transparent

The provincial government has mailed an advance notice of a referendum on electoral reform for two electoral systems that are not quite honest.

With first-past-the-post, a representative can be elected with 33 per cent of the voters who voted.

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Proportional representation allows parties to submit a list of hacks and party favourites to rule. Further, it is complicated, and complicated systems allow for manipulation.

It is interesting to note that the criterion for deciding which system will be adopted or continued is a “50 per cent plus one” vote. This also happens to be the manner in which elections are carried out in the U.K., Australia and Zambia. If no majority is reached, the top two candidates have a run-off election, usually one week later. To me, that process is the most honest (and transparent) electoral system.

I will vote yes for first-past-the-post and I will ignore the PR section.

John Kotrly


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