Royal Roads forest a future Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove, along the Port Alberni Highway, is recognized as a rare remnant of an ancient Douglas fir ecosystem.

It is a must-do stop for those travelling to Alberni and beyond. The natural cycle of life is slowly impacting its future as weather and age bring down the big old trees.

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There is another Douglas fir ecosystem located in our backyard that is being threatened by development.

Darren Stone’s lovely picture of hikers walking the trail in the DND property at Royal Roads illustrates perfectly a Douglas fir forest well on its way to becoming a future Cathedral Grove. Its relatively young age (size indicates 80 to 100 years) suggests that, properly conserved and managed, it could become another Cathedral Grove.

I encourage those parties involved with the disposal to plan for Victoria’s own “Cathedral Grove” (annexed to Royal Roads) where folks can come as they do today to enjoy and be uplifted by the spirit of these big trees.

This is an opportunity not to be missed.

Bruce Devitt

Retired professional forester


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