Rent increase is a gift to the wealthy

Re: “Tenants face 4.5 per cent rent increase — biggest hike since 2004,” Sept. 9.

In the worst housing crisis in B.C. history, raising the allowable rent increase to 4.5 per cent is a ruthless and irresponsible act by an oblivious and uncaring government. By essentially pouring gasoline on a raging fire, this egregious act by Premier John Horgan and the NDP will make housing unaffordable for many and sharply increase the number of people living and dying on our streets.

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As a senior on a fixed income, I am outraged that constant government-sanctioned spikes in my rent are pushing me out of the best housing I have ever had and straight into the nearest tent city.

Why should I be forced to fatten my landlord’s wallet with a 4.5 per cent boost to their bottom line each month when this year I received a 0.2 per cent increase in my monthly OAS/GIS payments? In my opinion, it is unethical for the B.C. NDP to inflict more privation on vulnerable groups while at the same time enriching those who are already affluent.

Tenants who cannot absorb these high rent increases without losing their housing or incurring financial hardship should be exempt from those spikes in rent. We need rent controls for seniors, people with disabilities and those living on low incomes.

But first of all, let’s call this NDP action what it is: A gift to their powerful and wealthy landlord friends. It is also time to ban special-interest groups from influencing public policy.

Doreen Marion Gee


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