Red-light cameras don’t invade privacy

Re: “B.C.’s red-light cameras now recording 24/7,” Aug. 8.

Now that our red-light cameras are operating around the clock, an outfit called SENSE B.C. protests it is an unwarranted intrusion on our right to privacy. Rot! We gave up our privacy the moment we stepped out of doors.

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In fact, we have a remedy — one that costs us only moments, does not involve confrontation or legal expense, and definitely garners us no headlines. In fact, doing this lets us slip, all but unnoticed, through life.

Do not run red lights. The law hasn’t changed.

Long before I was born, it required us to stop, if we could safely, as soon as the amber warning light showed. It still does.

Do not speed. Again, the law hasn’t changed, and speed limits, in general, have not changed (at least in our cities) since before I was born.

No, I’m not a “perfect” driver. I’ve missed, on a few occasions, over nearly 60 years of motoring, a few red lights. I have exceeded the speed limits posted on occasion, and been stopped for it and ticketed.

The difference? I believe in responsibility as a driver and as a pedestrian. I am in control of my actions. If I don’t want to pay traffic fines, I don’t do things that I know will attract them.

In short, SENSE is spouting nonsense, and claiming a selfish entitlement to the roads that none of us have.

John A. Laidlaw


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