Putting the outhouse next to the drinking well

Re: “Weaver pursues deeper probe of dump,” Oct. 4.

The Shawnigan Lake and the South Island Aggregate contaminant dump situation borders on the comical. Perhaps it is the magnitude of the 100,000 tonnes of contaminants and the size of the pit that boggle the brain.

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Essentially, it boils down to the fact that Cobble Hill Holdings, South Island Aggregates and the B.C. Environment Ministry are digging a giant outhouse pit right beside the drinking well.

And worse, it is not just beside one well, but two. Sooke Lake, which supplies Victoria residents, is only two or three kilometres away from Shawnigan Lake and the dumpsite is darn near in the middle. And Cobble Hill Holdings and the ministry think it’s OK?

Have these players forgotten the continued reminders of major earthquake probabilities and subterranean ruptures? How could anyone of sound mind put 100,000 tonnes of contaminated waste annually into a nearby pit so close to these lakes in such circumstances?

And with the drought situation experienced this past summer, why would anyone endanger the two major water-storage reservoirs for south Islanders?

Brent Tilson

Mill Bay

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