Push China to halt export of fentanyl

Re: “Four a day dying in B.C. as illicit-drug overdoses plateau,” Dec. 28.

The reported detection of fentanyl in 85 per cent of illicit-drug overdoses in 2018 is troubling. Not noted is that China has been identified as the principal source of this deadly drug.

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Canada’s conundrum on this issue is, to a large degree, driven by trade considerations. There is, however, hope on the mercantile front.

We might be able to, on the coattails of our largest trading partner, join the U.S. in applying sufficient economic pressure to motivate Chinese authorities to drastically reduce their national export of illicit drugs — including fentanyl. China has the national command authority capable of enforcing such action.

Canada was for many years America’s reliable partner in a long-standing cold war. The developing threat of global trade conflicts warrant a parallel partnership with consistent co-ordinated support of broad joint Canada/U.S. foreign trade relations.

Ron Johnson


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