Protect rights of those who don’t smoke pot

Re: “Enforce marijuana rules,” editorial, Sept. 9.

The editorial raises a crucial topic: “If it protects the rights and health of people who choose not to smoke the drug.”

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Health effects concerning the military include red or glassy eyes, slow reaction times, anxiety and unusual talkativeness. I could tolerate the last concern, but not the others.

I have to tolerate public cigarette smoke, which can cause various cancers over long exposure, but it does not generate an addled brain and euphoria, resulting in risky driving.

The only solution is to ban marijuana smoke in public areas totally, not just within seven or 10 metres.

Clearly, the majority of the public must be protected from non-medical use of “MJ,” lest we become medical cases caused by “recreational” smokers’ irresponsible self-indulgence.

Michael Meagher


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