Privatization not the answer for ICBC

Re: “Time to stick a pin in ICBC,” letter, March 9

The letter-writer is rightly frustrated by ICBC’s exorbitant rates. I have lived and insured cars in Ontario, Quebec, Germany, Arizona, California, Costa Rica and now B.C. I have never paid so much for auto and especially for motorcycle insurance anywhere else.

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But privatization is not the answer. The two accident claims I have had to deal with through private insurance were not our fault. My wife’s car was rear-ended once, and mine was once.

Both happened in Edmonton, and both incurred battles with the other drivers’ insurance companies that lasted for months and months, and were finally resolved when most (not all) of the damage had been paid for. Do you want to chase the other driver’s company for months? Try private insurance.

From what I hear about ICBC, some people are dissatisfied — but most people think it is fair and works.

It’s time to fix ICBC by charging much higher rates to dangerous and risky drivers, just as other insurance companies, public and private, do all over the world. And could we just fold motorcycles into the general car-insurance pool, too? It is crazy to pay more to insure a bike I ride a few times a week and never use for commuting than I pay for my car.

Andrew Gow


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