PR referendum is sleight-of-hand

The proportional-representation referendum is an example of political illusionists holding five aces.

Voters are being coerced into a sleight-of-hand illusion. The shaky coalition asks the voter to “trust them” while we hand over a blank cheque.

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The winning hand will be dealt in the backroom. There is no quorum, no clear rules and voters are being hustled by a limited-time offer.

We could lose a portion of our democratic rights for vague promises. Also, we will lose if we do not mail in our correctly completed ballot.

Independent candidates will have little chance of succeeding in the PR scheme. Polished politicians will be parachuted into swing ridings while the loose cannons will be sent to the outback by their leaders. Proportional representation is a system of “politicians without borders.”

Why should we believe political parties that have used deferred accounting, fake balanced budgets and added confusion by announcing a byelection during a referendum?

The public must vote for first-past-the-post until we know all the details.

Voters have their limits; politicians must learn to play within them.

Art Bickerton


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