Politicians don’t look at whole picture

Many of us are tired of politicians with fixed agendas and the will and ability to impose revisionist history on the citizens. This latest example of Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps’ intent to remove the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald shows how narrow-minded politicians refuse to look at the whole picture.

Macdonald’s strength of mind and ability to get things done gave us the Canadian Pacific Railway and ensured that the Prairie provinces and British Columbia became part of Canada. Had this not taken place, we would not have Canada as we have it today.

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Canada would have consisted of the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec in the East with British Columbia all on its own in the West. The huge area of the Prairies would have been open to occupation by the first-comers, likely from the south, whose solution to First Nations issues was less friendly than the Canadians of the time. Contemporary Prairie dwellers would have the doubtful privilege of having Donald Trump as their head of state.

Wednesday evening’s CHEK-TV poll suggested that 80 per cent of respondents are against the removal. I don’t believe that Helps has the authority to remove the statue.

Recorded history should remain as recorded. If subsequent information comes to light, it should be made known, but we as a nation should retain all of the history, both positive and negative.

John M. Taylor


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