‘Peacekeeping’ in Africa would actually be war

Re: “Canada edges closer to return to peacekeeping,” Aug. 27.

The federal government is proposing that Canadian soldiers be sent to Africa as part of the UN peacekeeping mission, part of its “Canada is back” campaign.

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However, peacekeeping, as devised by former prime minister Lester Pearson, was to station observers on a ceasefire line agreed to by the two warring parties, and report on any violations of the ceasefire. It was successful in the Middle East and Cyprus, with minimal casualties to Canadians.

What the UN is doing in Africa should be called “peace-making,” otherwise known as war. If Canada takes part in such a mission, we should expect significant casualties (as in Afghanistan).

Moreover, the UN troops in central Africa have been involved in child rape and other abuses, as reported by Amnesty International and other organizations. Canada should not take part in missions that have already been discredited.

Kenneth Mintz


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