Pandemonium in James Bay

In James Bay, the confluence of Menzies, Simcoe and Toronto streets is a place where the senior residents take their lives in their hands every time they use the crosswalks.

I use a walker and sometimes a mobility scooter, and the four pedestrian crosswalks at this location are the most dangerous I have ever experienced. Five minutes of observing this five-way stop will show a surprising number of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in a state of confusion, together with those who are just too old to be driving.

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As I crossed Menzies recently, a car stopped for me, and as I crossed, another one swept through on the near side and made a right onto Simcoe, almost striking another pedestrian there. I was able to see the driver slouched over the steering wheel, paying no attention to his left or right sides. Why are there no cameras to capture these offenders’ licence plates? Or traffic lights, such as they have at a similar stop downtown at Douglas, Humboldt and Burdett streets?

More and more vehicles are coming onto the roads every day; more and more highrises are being packed into the city, causing more traffic. So who is taking responsibility for public safety? Someone had better, and soon.

I am hoping that some of our candidates in the forthcoming municipal election will “put their money where their mouths are” and do something about this hazardous situation. I’m not holding my breath, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Peter Morris


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