Mayor can’t hide behind lawyers’ advice

Re: “Helps slams report as ‘character assassination,’ ” Oct. 2.

Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps fails to recognize that legal counsel is advice. Accountability for any decisions belongs to her as the city’s top executive. It is cowardly to hide behind lawyers for choosing not to pursue stricter disciplinary action against former police chief Frank Elsner.

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Her denial in 2015 about the initial investigation and her effusive proclamation that Elsner “is the best thing that happened to this town and Esquimalt in a long time” underscores the findings of her shortcomings in the commissioner’s report. Helps’ accusations of libel are nothing more than an attempt to deflect from her role in the mishandling of the situation and paint herself as the victim right before an election.

Her response is shameful considering the women who did suffer at the hands of Elsner and the protracted course of justice caused by her decision.

Anthony Danda


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