Making a buck trumps environment

Re: “Green message should focus on long-term benefits,” comment; “Wastewater groups join war on ‘flushable’ wipes,” Dec. 5.

Oh, the irony. A commentary advocating forward-thinking about environmental benefits, and then the reality of “flushable” wipes.

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Here we have a new product with alarming disposal consequences and huge after-purchase costs, yet it’s a $6-billion industry looking at six per cent growth.

It’s a new product that doesn’t break down. Not exactly an environmental breakthrough. And the control? The industry tests itself and says it’s doing great. The government response? It’s a municipal problem.

Robert Roach’s vision of green cities appears muddied by the fact that so long as someone can make a buck, they will. Sustainability? Efficiency? Environmental improvement tools?

Might as well flush those concepts down the toilet so long as no one takes responsibility for what happens to a product when it’s time to get rid of it. 

John Kimantas


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