Liberals undergoing a remarkable renaissance

Re: “It’s time for the federal Liberals to go,” letter, June 3.

I can only echo Mark Twain, who in 1897 observed: “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” Far from being a spent force, the Liberal Party of Canada is experiencing a remarkable renaissance.

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Since 2013, when Justin Trudeau was elected leader, the Liberal party has surged back from the brink. In the lead-up to the coming election, the party has nominated more candidates than the Harper Conservatives and is closing the gap on fundraising results, which is where truly astute political observers focus their attention.

This is evident in the wave of attack ads Stephen Harper has launched against Trudeau. Harper isn’t wasting a single dollar from his war chest to slyly undermine Thomas Mulcair. Mulcair and the NDP do not represent a threat to the Harper Conservatives.

It is to Trudeau’s credit that he has not stooped to the same tactics in attacking his political rivals, but has continued to present a positive alternative with his vision of a Canada that champions fairness as a national value.

Surely, this is a Canada we all hope to see emerge from the dark chapter of the Harper years.

Would any of us really care to emulate the U.K. and its sharply polarized political struggles of the past decades? If he gave it more thought, not even the letter-writer would wish that on Canada.

Paul McKivett, president

Saanich-Gulf Islands Federal Liberal Association

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