Liberals show their sense of entitlement

Re: “Food, drink cost $1,300 a person on PM’s flights,” Sept. 29.

The proof is in the numbers that this new federal Liberal government is just as self-entitled as the Harper government we tossed out of office just under a year ago.

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First we learn we are picking up the tab for two of the Trudeaus’ nannies for three kids. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is paid enough that his wife should not have to work if she doesn’t want to.

Then there is news that we paid $1,300 per passenger on his — really the air force’s — Airbus, while many Canadians including seniors who do not get gold-plated pensions must choose between paying rent or buying food. With what MPs and government bureaucrats are paid I think they should pay for their own meals, as all the people paying their wages have to.

I am also trying to wrap my head around their special math. Maybe it is 21st-century math to claim that their cost of $54 per meal per person is less than the previous government cost of $41.70 per meal per person.

I don’t remember learning that math when I was in school; it is a mystery to me.

Andre Mollon



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