Letters Sept. 9: Compassion for the unvaccinated; a lack of understanding of 'tyranny'

Compassion is needed in these tough times

In this time of COVID-19, we are faced with many challenges to our usual way of life. One of these is the attitude and behaviour of a minority who oppose vaccination and the wearing of masks.

Each of these folks have their own reasons for feeling this way. But we should not condemn them without giving a thought to how they feel in these unprecedented times. There is nothing to be gained by calling them stupid, selfish, idiots or worse.

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For some, opposition to vaccination may arise from simple fear of needles, perhaps stemming from some childhood experience. For others, it may be apprehension of injecting a medication about which they know or understand little or nothing.

Others may have difficulty taking in, understanding or accepting science-based advice, even at the behest of government and the medical profession. Not everyone has confidence in authority.

Then too there are those who find the very notion of a “worldwide pandemic” frightening and strange, and react by becoming angry, lashing out at the majority who don’t share their sense of confusion and fear.

They may seek comfort in conspiracy theories or the ideas of cranks and quacks.

And then there are a meddlesome and troubling few who prey on the anxieties of fearful and angry people to create social division and attack the institutions of what they see as a failed or hostile society.

Only these last are deserving of our condemnation, though even they are also deserving of our compassion, as we muddle through this time of COVID. It too will pass.

Tom Masters

Stop the shaming of the non-vaccinated

Why do your letters all try to shame those of us who don’t want to get the vaccine, as if we are the only ones to cause hospital bills?

How ’bout “shame on smokers,” or “shame on drinkers,” or “shame on obese people” — these are the people who overload our health care system every year.

Norma Huff

Where do all those protesters live?

Would they have a home if landlords were allowed to ask for proof of COVID vaccinations?

Judith Hodgson

Maybe they could move to Florida

Now let me see if I get this straight. RCMP have arrested more than 800 (mostly younger) folks who are civilly disobeying a court injunction that allows a privately owned logging company to harvest in an area that contains old growth trees.

Meanwhile, protests have erupted at or near hospitals decrying vaccine passports, vaccine mandates, masks etc. while they hurl insults and invective at health care workers. Are you kidding me?

Some people suggest that we need to “talk” to such folks and enter into a civilized dialogue while saying we should not refer to such a group as stupid.

Really? These louts are morons of the highest order. Their narcissism, ignorance and arrogance is beyond the pale. This is the rabble that should be arrested.

Throw a few of these individuals in the jug and let’s see how much “courage” their movement contains. After all, these are the bozos that are creating and leading the fourth wave and putting our society, health-care workers and everything else at risk.

I am old and remember polio, sanitoriums, TB, and all the crappy rest. I had all the wonderful childhood diseases — whooping cough, red and German measles, chicken pox and the mumps, which my cousin nearly died from.

I was sidelined with the mumps for two months and ended up with compromised hearing, smell and taste. Now they have a vaccine to take care of all of these nasties.

The ignorant protesters are such dimwits that they probably believe all that is a hoax as well. I have a solution for such people — why don’t you emigrate to a place like Florida or another of the highly enlightened states? I will help you pack.

Larry Leischner

Ignorant, and wanting to stay that way

Thank God for teachers who have devoted their lives to educate all levels of ignorance. They must feel very frustrated when ignorance cannot be elevated to knowledge.

In this pandemic a large cohort of educated epidemiologists, scientists, doctors et al have been educating us on the safest ways to protect ourselves.

Anyone who missed this reliable information must deliberately want to remain ignorant.

Dolores Anthony

Message being given, is it being heard?

It was very pleasant to read the Sept. 3 edition and to see the support given to the health-care workers by both your management and through that expressed by the opinions of your readers.

Our society, through its unrestrained access to social media along with our PC-muted words and articles, have allowed the “stupid” minority to rule/run/trample upon the important aspects of our lives that actually make our existence pleasant.

We, myself certainly included, constantly complain about the morons that surround us, finish our meal then head off to the golf course or office without actually doing anything to change anything.

Thank you for getting some strong messages and comments out to the majority of those people that do support what the government is trying to achieve. I wish I could believe that the “stupid” would actually listen.

P.T. Smith

No understanding of what tyranny means

Tyranny is taking children from their homes and putting them in residential schools.

Tyranny is forcing Jews to wear a Star of David and loading them into cattle trains, destined for gas chambers.

Governments working diligently to protect their citizens from contracting COVID is not tyranny. It is a responsibility.

You, demonstrators, have a right to refuse vaccinations, and to walk outdoors unmasked. You do not have the right to tyrannize others, by your actions. Assaulting people, physically or verbally, is tyranny.

I, like many others, are horrified by the demonstrations. I suggest you look in the mirror to see who is actually guilty of tyranny.

Vicki Davidoff

Environment first, then the economy

Those in power and those seeking power need to get it through their thick skulls that without a healthy environment, there will be no more economy.

A few more years of unprecedented fires, floods and storms will bankrupt the national treasury.

Of course, “neoliberalism” and unrestricted income growth for a few at the expense of everyone else is putting hard-working farmers, nurses, teachers etc. out onto the streets.

People are being urged (by merchants) to fill their shoddily built new particleboard houses with invasive and fallible technology (they call it “smart”!), we export raw logs, and meanwhile the clear-cutting continues.

We have well and truly lost our collective minds.

Willi Boepple

Don’t blame Canada for Afghanistan’s collapse

I have heard countless stories from Afghans, some Canadian citizens, some not, complaining that Canada has deserted them and their families after they worked for Canada in the recent war in Afghanistan.

Let’s get this straight. Canada was not in Afghanistan out of self-interest, and anyone working for Canada was not helping Canada, they were helping their fellow Afghans. Canada spent $180 billion and took 158 casualties helping Afghans, including training their army, and the moment the U.S. and Canada started pulling out, the Afghan army folded up like a wet paper bag.

How is Canada the bad guy here?

Ian Cameron
Brentwood Bay

Painting warns of school zone ahead

Recently driving through a school zone, I noticed in the driving lane a big colourful painting warning me of an upcoming school zone.

What a great idea! I wish all schools would adopt this safety measure.

Ross Ferguson


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