Letters March 20: Don’t bail out corporations; no need to hoard

Taxpayers should not bail out corporations

It is an insult to most Canadians that our government is discussing bailing out the stock market and major corporations. Wealthy folks play the stock market. Poor folks play the lottery. But it is all gambling and you are warned going in that you can win and lose money.

Before governments begin bailing out losing stock gamblers, they should bail out losing lottery gamblers.

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Instead of bailing out large corporations with free money, the governments should be taking majority equity positions in those corporations.

Moreover, the Canadian oil patch corporations have been shipping oil and money across the U.S. border for decades. Instead of bailing them out, tell them to bring some of that money back.

Steve Bowker

We need more COVID-19 testing

When you look across the world at those countries that have been successful at containing this virus (e.g., South Korea), AND you listen to infectious disease experts, there is an unequivocal consensus: that, as a first line strategy, we need to have testing widely available ASAP.

I see that the U.S. is now moving quickly in that direction. Donald Trump is invoking emergency powers to make testing much more broadly available across the US. We should not be falling behind measures in the U.S. in this regard. Canadians need access to clinical self-knowledge in order to be responsible citizens

I urge everyone to put pressure on their elected representatives to do what is necessary to put widespread testing in place.

Colleen Mead
Oak Bay

There is no need to hoard food

What is going on in Sidney? Why are people hoarding food at an alarming rate? Let’s leave some for everyone.

I was just out to get some milk and there wasn’t any in all of the stores I went to. All the stores I went to had empty shelves of almost everything, even ketchup. Why would anyone have to hoard ketchup?

I think it’s time for the grocery stores to start to ration out the food .

This is ludicrous. Stop panicking, people. You are being very selfish.

C. Faulkner

Don’t let virus push aside important issues

Canada, being in early stages of the coronavirus pandemic, has some significant decisions to make as we go through the various stages we now see unfolding in Europe and other areas of the world. It is becoming clear that we will not be returning to business-as-usual, as the pandemic peaks and finally subsides. There will be severe financial impacts.

The pandemic should not be used as an excuse to ignore other pressing concerns such as Indigenous rights, plastics pollution, overpopulation, and climate change. It is essential that we uphold our traditions of democracy, justice, equality, public education, health care, a free press, etc., as we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a moral and ethical imperative.

Thor Henrich

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