Letters Jan. 19: Sidewalks need to be cleared of ice and snow

Don’t make excuses, shovel that snow

Re: “Whether shovelling makes sense,” letter, Jan. 17.

The assumption is that people can safely navigate the sidewalk despite the massive amount of snow accumulated on them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

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Many citizens require the assistance of scooters, canes, wheelchairs etc. to navigate their way out and about. One can conclude a foot of snow (or even an inch) most certainly would present a barrier to anyone trying to navigate their way onto a snow- covered walk way. Why add an unnecessary barrier?

In addition, “clearing the sidewalk down to bare pavement” is a very good idea. The sidewalk can then be treated with salt or sand to minimize the icy patches on it.

It’s foolhardy to think a snow-covered sidewalk is safer. Apparently the letter writer has never stepped foot on an icy patch beneath the snow.

Shoveling snow from a sidewalk is not only good exercise, it is also the most necessary and courteous action to take.

Judy Elliot
Brentwood Bay

Forced to walk on roads because of icy sidewalks

I walk my dogs every day it is pretty sad we have to walk on the road because the sidewalks are full of ice.

I think that by two days after we got the snow, we could have had our sidewalks done.

I am 70 years old and walk every day with my dogs, and I have to take a chance that if I walk on the sidewalk I will fall and if I am on the road I can get hit with a car.

I know in View Royal we are last to get the grass done in our parks and in winter we are last to get our sidewalks salted or cleaned in winter.

Evelyn Spencer
View Royal

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