Letters Dec. 24: Enjoying Christmas; bridge audit; spiritual health

Christmas is not cancelled

I might not be able to spend Christmas this year with my faith family (Church of the Advent). Or most of my bio family.

But I can spend Christmas with each and every one of them in my heart.

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The building is the physical part. The real church is the people, 24/7, wherever we may be.

I so want to hear Once in Royal David’s City sung by my friend (Sister) Mary. And I so want to hear my friend (Sister) Kathy sing Oh Holy Night.

But not this year. I may, however, on Christmas Eve stand outside on my deck and attempt to sing these two hymns myself. Will they be the same? No. But God will know that I am with each and every one of you.

Take care, keep safe, keep healthy.

Carolyn Hamar

Bridge audit should have been completed

So the Auditor General for Local Government, who was to audit the Johnson Street Bridge project, is closing down, and we shall never have an explanation of tens of millions of wasted tax dollars. The accompanying pandemic argument for halting the audit rings in as a handy supporting excuse.

The bits of information released so far say that the City of Victoria, on advice from its consultants, signed a “fixed price” contract on a bridge project that was 30 per cent designed. If this was actually the case, then action against the consultants (and possible recovery of some of the money) should at least have been considered.

And why should anybody even remotely connected with the city’s decision to sign such a contract not have to answer for such failure of judgment?

Cancelling the audit of this mind-boggler is a grave disservice to British Columbians. It completely allows one or more parties to this fiasco to sweep tens of millions of tax dollars under the carpet.

This audit must be completed.

Terry Huntington

Thanks to … aww, we’re blushing

Thank you Times Colonist for being there and always providing up to date information on what’s going on in the world.

Thank you Raeside for your incredible comic ability to capture a current event in a single frame. Reading your comic is a bright spot in our day.

Thank you to all of the columnists and contributors, yes, even Jack Knox (sorry, couldn’t resist that remark!).

Thank you to the advertisers for supporting the production of the newspaper.

Thank you Times Colonist for still providing a print copy of the paper. We know we could read it online, but we still prefer the paper copy.

Thank you to our Times Colonist carrier for reliably delivering our paper.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Susan and Dave Edwards

And here’s another one

I am very proud of the Times Colonist. It is a paper I enjoy receiving every morning but one I most often read in the evening.

I have always enjoyed Jack Knox, and all the columnists in the Islander are worthy of accolades, even when I don’t always agree with the viewpoint.

I respect the depth of knowledge, range of relevant topics, the sensitivity and moral courage, the challenge to our biases, plus the wealth of new information and subjects to explore provide weekly stimuli that many are likely to appreciate as I do.

I also always read the letters, and delight in the variety of responses our region’s readers provide.

Thank you, and happy holidays to all the hard-working folk within the Times Colonist family.

Susan Nickum

Your pathway to spiritual health

In the “Faith Forum” commentary on Dec. 19, Pastor Lyndon Sayers speaks about racism and suggests we can fight it in a way similar to fighting a virus. He suggests working together on new “protocols” and trying harder to follow them.

These are important, yet there’s more to consider. The roots of racism are arrogance, deceitfulness and the abuse of power. These are psychological and spiritual problems and are what feed and fuel racism. All, sadly, were manifest in Amy Cooper’s behaviour on the “viral” video.

Religion can be helpful here. In my experience, good religion can lead to spiritual health, helping members of the practising group to deal with flaws in the inner self, helping them cultivate the virtues of humility, respect and love, and inspiring and motivating them to practise these virtues.

Jim Hill
Oak Bay


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