June 9: Lifetime of work created lifestyle

Re: “Baby boomers are the lucky ones,” letter, June 7.

Our parents lived through the Depression, the Second World War, and the Korean War. They worked hard, scrimped, saved and taught us how to be decent human beings and to also work hard and save to attain our goals.

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We didn’t have the luxury of going out for coffee or avocado toast if we wished to own and maintain a home, which was a major goal. I had the same job for 27 years and my husband worked at the same place for 39 years.

We worked our way at those jobs, through continuous education, on-job training and initiative. We juggled jobs, mortgage and child-rearing without the assistance of government programs or handouts. Everything we have, we have worked countless hours to obtain. We have lived in the same home for 25 years.

The real-estate market has skyrocketed out of control but you need to look at foreign investors, speculators and house flippers as the cause. Items like the home-owners’ grant and property tax deferment are one of the few “perks” for which I have worked a lifetime and to which I am entitled.

Nancy Leslie-Young


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