June 9: Forestry practices complicated issue

Re: “Protesters decry logging practices,” June 7.

The Sierra Club “stopped short of calling for an outright ban on all old growth logging.”,

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Few will pick up on the far sightedness of this comment but pragmatism is fast becoming an essential part of the environmental movement.

Every time there is an environmental protest, there is an equal and opposite reaction from the business community. These polar positions create little or no room to move.

Here we have a specific request to halt a harvest in B.C., not just because it is old-growth forest but because the locations are quickly becoming environmental “hot spots” which the public is embracing and into which business is investing.

Tourism is growing, creating greater employment and revenues than forestry. This should be more than sufficient reason for the NDP to respond to these protests.

Old-growth logging is just one of many forestry practices that needs to be reviewed.

Clear-cutting practices have created widespread water-shed problems including water advisories, mudslides and ancillary issues for many of our smaller communities.

Grady Kittleson


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