June 11: You can’t make this stuff up

Re: “Our new bike network’s heavy toll: making so many people unhappy,” June 9.

The comment on the folly of Victoria’s ill-conceived bike lanes would be a hit monologue for a stand-up comic, if it were not for the sad fact that everything he writes is true.

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It guides us through local witless political gambitry, thoughtless social acculturation, and the thankless navigational frustration known in most parts as “Biketoria.”

That said however, there’s one Biketoria fact missing: Bicycles don’t have to use the multi-million dollar bike lanes if they choose to use the road instead. Buses are forced to compete for precious laneway space, all the while suffering behind cyclists inching along the bus lane.

These bike lanes are a clear illustration of “fail to plan, then plan to fail” management disguised as “it’s good medicine whether they realize it or not” leadership.

Dennis Oliphant


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