June 11: Veteran: Costs should be borne by military

Re: “Isitt blames bad timing for military-cost review,” June 8.

I am a 93-year-old disabled veteran of the Second World War. I went through an amputation after stepping on a mine.

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Once I got out of the hospital and went back to school, I left the military behind. I never wore my uniform again or my medals.

I never joined the Legion or spent time reminiscing about the war except when asked directly about specific events by relatives or friends.

I have exposed my participation at anti-war events.

My attitude is based on the realization that all nations at war commit war crimes.

The Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings, along with the fire bombing of Hamburg and the bombing of Dresden among other things made that clear.

So why do we celebrate war by holding postwar ceremonies that glorify war by acting as if the wars that we participated in were good?

For these reasons and more, I support the idea that the military should pay for these memorial events, if we are to be subjected to them.

I do not know Ben Isitt’s motives for proposing that this be done, but his goal is correct.

But, I am appalled at the suggestion that he is “playing a political game."

Edwin E. Daniel


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