June 11: Separated lanes for safety sake

Re: “Our new bike network’s heavy toll: making so many people unhappy,” comment, June 9.

What makes me unhappy is seeing my local newspaper continue to peddle opinions about the high quality, separated bike lanes that keep myself and my family safe, especially opinions that blame safe infrastructure for bad car drivers.

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There is nothing confusing about “red stop” and “green go.” Car drivers who find the two-way bike lanes and the designated turn phases associated with them confusing should probably turn in their licences until they pass the driver’s test again.

As for Vancouver Street, Cook would have been a better choice for cyclists and drivers. I am disappointed that city council backed down from Cook as the better street for biking, given its excessive width and gentler grade.

I am even more annoyed that they did so based on the fact-free hysteria of a handful of people.

Jennifer Jones


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