June 11: Advice to attain home ownership

Re: “Looking to the future, not the past, with housing issues and property tax,” comment, June 7.

It is with disappointment, but no surprise, that I read the ongoing criticism from those practising the politics of envy in regards to home ownership.

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They still don’t understand what it takes.


We saved for our down payment. We did without a new car, iPhones, iPads, Apple computers, Netflix, Starbucks every day, or going out to eat all the time.

We saved, and it didn’t take forever. We moved to where the work was. The recession of the 1980s was brutal and moving away from the coast was necessary for many young British Columbians.

It offered the opportunity to establish ourselves, save some money, and then move back to B.C. after a few years.

Even after buying the first house, it was still necessary to be smart with money. Nobody gave us anything. We earned it, worked hard for it and did what it took.

Blaming others will not solve problems.

If you really want to own a home, it means taking the steps necessary to do so.

You’ve just been given a road map to home ownership. No one said it’s easy.

It’s a matter of wants versus needs.

Dan Anderson

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