ICBC needs money to pay for managers

Re: "ICBC told to slash costs, CEO resigns," Aug. 17.

I was outraged when I read about the huge salaries and generous perks enjoyed by the head honchos at ICBC.

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Why the anger? My disabled son was recently rear-ended while standing still in his truck. While there was insignificant damage to his truck, he suffered whiplash which needs weeks, if not months, of therapy.

The response from ICBC was a form letter simply stating that they will pay nothing. He is attempting to survive on $900 a month disability allowance, plus the small amount he is allowed to earn each month without having a deduction of same from his disability allowance.

Of course, it is not easy to find work that he is able to do to earn the allowed amount. Where would the money come from to pay for physiotherapy?

Are those ICBC managers able to sleep at night?

Bert MacBain

Brentwood Bay

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