Homeless become pawns of activists

Re: “Nanaimo school board faces $100,000 bill to clean up after protesters,” Oct. 9.

The ugly face of political “activism” is starting to show in the serious homelessness issue. This is becoming a game of who screams the loudest and how much money is poured into movements trying to create chaos, believing this will have more effect than actual solutions.

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There are two clear effects: On one side, the real people, suffering because they have to live on the streets due to unforeseen circumstances, become political pawns who, at the end, will not receive a solution to their problems.

And second, people at all levels of government, non-for-profits, working to find real solutions are becoming discouraged because their efforts are silenced by these so-called activists whose only interest is to create discord and an unhealthy “us vs. them” relationship.

Daniel Sanchez


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