Higher speed limits an obvious danger

Re: “Speed limits to drop on some highways,” Nov. 7.

The increase in speed limits by the former minister of transportation was irresponsible and stupid. It does not take any studies or surveys to figure out that the higher the speed a vehicle is travelling when it crashes into an object, the more damage to that vehicle and object, the more serious the injuries to people and the higher the insurance rates paid by all drivers.

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Equally stupid was the removal of photo radar. Those who argued it was just a cash cow do not seem to understand that having a cash cow is an asset, not a liability. Collecting money from drivers who voluntarily commit an offence by exceeding the speed limit should be a way for the government to feed money back into traffic enforcement and ICBC.

The bottom line is that the majority of drivers exceed speed limits, and enforcement of those speed limits in this province is a joke.

Tony Markle


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