Grizzly protection plans not implemented

Re: “Province is protecting grizzly bears,” letter, Sept. 29.

Forest Minister Steve Thomson’s letter clearly illustrates all that is wrong with forestry in B.C.

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If, as the minister states, preserving grizzlies is a priority, why is there no recovery plan for the Kettle-Granby grizzly, as promised in 2000? Why has the recovery plan for the North Cascades grizzly not been implemented? And why was the river-diversion project in grizzly territory in Pemberton approved against ministry biologists’ recommendations?

The Granby and Gladstone parks, set aside to protect grizzlies, have become “islands of extinction,” surrounded by clearcut logging and roads. Road density in connectivity corridors is more than twice the level scientists agree is tolerable for grizzlies. And there are illegal ATV trails in Gladstone park.

Logging plans for Lynch Creek North are based on an outdated Kootenay Boundary Land Use Plan that is not based on science.

Contrary to the minister’s assertion that public concerns are addressed before logging plans commence, there has been no public meeting on B.C. Timber Sales’ logging plan for Lynch Creek North and no response to a petition from local residents.

The minister refuses to meet with Friends and Residents of the North Fork. Had he met with us, he would know we support our logging community and have friends and neighbours who work in the forest industry. We are not opposed to logging. We are opposed to driving a threatened species to extinction.

Margaret Steele

Friends and Residents of the North Fork

Grand Forks

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