GPs have hardest jobs in health care

Re: “Health system needs more than baby steps,” editorial, Oct. 7.

A pointed and pertinent editorial about the critical shortage of general practitioners in our province. Thanks so much for this.

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Citizens of British Columbia need to be lobbying Premier John Horgan and Health Minister Adrian Dix about this. We are kidding ourselves that we have a decent public health system. We are treating ill people as if they are machines that can be fixed by focusing on specific organs and incidents, without regard to their past health history and the overall condition of their bodies and minds.

Going to a clinic or emergency is not a substitute for having a family doctor who knows you and follows up with your overall care over a long time. And our emergency approach is very expensive.

We must correct the shortage of family doctors by paying them more and reducing their business costs. GPs, not specialists, have the hardest jobs. They should be paid accordingly.

Sara Chu

Retired nurse


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