Gonzales activists stop positive change

Re: “Gonzales neighbourhood plan put on hold due to community resistance,” Oct. 3.

As a longtime resident of Gonzales, I am appalled at the “activists” who stopped positive change in its tracks. Now, instead of making room for the next generation of Victorians with some modest densification, we preserve what we — the lucky few — have already got.

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We pretend our region is not reeling in crisis on numerous levels, most of which are directly related to lack of affordable housing.

Yes, here in leafy Gonzales, it’s still 1956, and all is right with the world. “Oh, sure,” we admit, “housing is such a problem.”

But we can’t accept change in this neighbourhood. My goodness, there would be young people around, making noise with their children. Those renters are so untidy. And goodness gracious, the parking, oh, the parking.

The odd basement suite or lane home is a drop in the bucket. That solves nothing. The “gentle, subtle change” proposed by some simply means: “Pretend we are doing something so we can feel good when actually we are doing nothing.”

We need much bolder initiatives than that if we are to solve the housing crisis. Intelligent yet significant increases in density are essential.

But hey, we are all doing great here in Gonzales. No problems at all. So I’ll turn off the news, put the blinders over my eyes and have another snooze on my quiet, peaceful street. Let the next generation find somewhere else to live.

Richard Brunt


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