Deer overpopulation should be election issue

Re: “Labrador wounded by urban buck,” Oct. 22.

With the exploding deer population in Victoria and the other 12 municipalities, it was only a matter of time before a dog or person was gored.

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I walk regularly through Rockland with my dog. We have been chased and cornered by does with fawns. I have had to cower behind cars and race up the steps to my neighbours’ front doors to avoid these frightening encounters.

Walking is no longer a pleasure now that I have to constantly check in front, behind and to the side to make sure that we are safe.

B.C. Conservation’s advice to me? “Walk in a different neighbourhood.” Really? Are the deer paying property taxes?

I actually remember when it was rare to see a deer in Victoria. Now they roam in herds of five or six, ambling down streets, sleeping in vacant lots, eating their way through the neighbourhood.

What is it going to take to solve this problem? A child being gored? A multi-car accident while trying to avoid a deer? A cyclist swerving to avoid those big brown-eyed Bambis and taking down a couple of walkers?

Why do we keep pretending this issue will resolve itself? It won’t, it will only get worse unless something is done.

If Mayor Dean Fortin and his rival candidates had any chutzpah and foresight and really wanted to make a difference, a deer cull would be an election issue. Maybe then voter turnout wouldn’t be so paltry. Will anyone take a stand?

Mary-Jo Morin



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