Death-penalty call is barbaric

Re: “ ‘Death penalty for dealers’ call sparks response,” column, Aug. 5.

I do not care what qualifications Dr. W. Gifford-Jones has as a doctor, how many books and articles he has published, or how many people tell him they agree with his views.

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His opinion, as expressed in Sunday’s column, is despicable and would do U.S. President Donald Trump and his followers proud. He thinks that the Chinese “no trial, you’re guilty because we say so” method is appropriate; and the Philippine and Singapore barbarism is to be admired and adopted.

He bemoans the lack of Canadian politicians willing to return to the barbarity of death sentences — but not just the sentencing itself. He doesn’t see the need for investigations, trials and so on.

I have seldom read this column, but I never will again. And I also suggest that this type of right-wing brutality needs to be removed from the Times Colonist, unless this is a view the editors think is worth promoting.

Diane McNay


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