CRD structure should be re-examined

Re: “Esquimalt rejects sewage ‘Goliath’,” April 8.

The Capital Regional District has only itself to blame for the sewage-treatment plant fiasco.

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From the outset, the CRD’s process for selecting a site was flawed by its early ideological decision to exclude suitable land in the agriculture reserve or suitable land that might be expropriated from the private sector. It then compounded the error by proceeding to spend millions of dollars on the assumption that the McLoughlin Point site would be approved, rather than waiting to confirm that decision.

This is the same organization that recently spent millions of dollars starting an organic composting program before ensuring the infrastructure was in place to process it. It is obviously time to re-examine the organizational and decision-making structures of the CRD and make some fundamental changes. The current structures are obviously seriously flawed.

John Amon


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