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Complaint commissioner has questions to answer

Re: “Complaint commissioner makes principled decisions,” letter, Nov. 20.
Re: “Complaint commissioner makes principled decisions,” letter, Nov. 20.

Why did police complaint commissioner Stan Lowe wait three months before calling an investigation into Victoria Police Chief Frank Elsner? As the Times Colonist reported, Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson said Lowe could have ordered the investigation earlier. The Office of the Police Complaint Commissioner’s lawyer responded with vague remarks about 20/20 hindsight.

He might have mentioned publicity. Lowe ordered an investigation the week after Elsner’s actions became publicly known. This has happened before in the case of Vancouver constable Taylor Robinson, who was caught on video shoving a disabled woman to the ground. No investigation began into that incident until more than six weeks after it happened, nearly six weeks after Vancouver Police Professional Standards found out and nearly four weeks after the OPCC found out — but just days after the media found out.

Lowe has as many questions to answer about the Elsner case as mayors Barb Desjardins and Lisa Helps. Unfortunately, we’ll never hear any answers. The OPCC works in near-secrecy and with zero accountability, thanks to legislation fully supported by both the B.C. Liberals and the NDP.

Greg Klein


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