Community respect is a two-way street

We live in a single-family detached home two blocks from the tent city. In the past few weeks, as more and more tent-city residents have been relocated to provincially funded shelters, we have noticed a significant change in our community for the worse.

We respect those of you living in tent city who are without permanent shelter or homes. However, you are now part of our community and we ask that you please respect us, your neighbours. Some simple suggestions:

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• Do not defecate on our property or the boulevard. Use the facilities provided at the tent city.

• When your dog defecates, particularly on the sidewalk, you should clean it up.

• Use the drop box for used hypodermic needles at Pioneer Square.

• Avoid injecting your drugs openly on our boulevard, property or neighbours’ property.

• Avoid riding your bicycle at high speed on the sidewalk, particularly when we are walking the baby in the stroller.

• Do not empty our garbage can looking for things and then leave it for us to pick up.

• Stay off our porch and out of our backyard, particularly in the wee hours of the morning. We often hear you, and it is unsettling to wonder what you are doing.

We all need to respect our community if we expect respect in return.

Paul Brown


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