Check out Shawnigan Lake sewage facts

Re: “Sewage a bigger problem than soil dumping,” letter, Dec. 10.

I, too, am a longtime resident of Shawnigan Lake. My family connection with Shawnigan dates back to 1905, and I’ve been personally involved since 1950.

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The facts disprove the letter-writer’s comments. Yes, there are a number of septic fields that need fixing, but the studies contradict his belief that they are the worst polluter. First, there has been a large turnover of the old cabins around the lake that have been replaced with permanent houses with conforming septic systems. Second, animals contribute far more than humans with regard to waste counts. The lake has been in relatively good condition up to this point.

I suggest that the letter-writer become better informed by:

• Checking the evidence (including septic issues) on the Shawnigan Residents’ Association website or, even better, by becoming a member.

• Checking the information available through the Shawnigan Waterbasin Society, or again, even better, by becoming a member, or by dropping by the watershed office in the village to see the many maps and information about the Shawnigan Lake watershed. There is a wealth of data about his particular concern and many more issues that the community is effectively dealing with.

• Checking the Shawnigan Focus website search engine and past issues for all the data about the topics.

• Taking a tour of the area around the contaminated soil dump site, which will definitely change his opinion on which is the biggest threat to Shawnigan Lake’s water.

Grant Treloar

Shawnigan Lake

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