Canada used to be known as fair country

Re: “Quiet Canadian diplomacy aided anti-Maduro effort,” Jan. 27.

Canada used to be known as a country that was fair and independent, with a focus on peace.

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The May 2018 presidential election in Venezuela was called for by the opposition. Juan Guaido or his party did not run and told supporters not to vote. Sixteen other parties with six presidential candidates did run. Nicolas Maduro won the presidency with over 67 per cent. The election had more than 100 international observers who declared it fair and conducted according to the constitution.

Jan. 27’s Times Colonist states that Canadian diplomats “worked to get the country’s opposition parties to coalesce behind one person” and “focused on building bridges with fractured opposition that was as much at odds with itself as it was with Maduro.”

I wonder what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would say if Russia were to work to get the opposition parties in Canada to coalesce to force him from power to be replaced by a right-wing senator, and confiscate Canadian payments from other countries until he agreed to step down.

Saria Andrew


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